Week Ending June 7, 2019

                       in room 15, we strive to be
Weekly Update
for the Week Ending
Friday, June 7
Dear Room 15 Families,

Yikes!  This is the final Weekly Update of the year.  I have had a really amazing year with your kids.  I loved hearing them become more and more skilled at articulating their feelings and questions as we learned together.  It seemed evident to me how kind these kids are to each other.  When misunderstandings came up, I was struck by how focused these kids were on solving the issue and not getting someone else in trouble. 

In addition to the growing social comprehension of these children, I loved the way they were always up for a good time.  They seemed to understand, as I do, that school ought to be a place filled with friends ready to have fun together.  Never did I leave at the end of the day without laughing a lot and just feeling great.

I hope to see your kids often next year as they stop by to let me all about life in third grade. 

A few things to note about this week:

•On Monday and Tuesday, we will enjoy drama games led by teachers from PAAM and funded by Kiddo!  Find out from your child what we did.

•On Monday, your child’s Read and Relax mug and framed photo will be ready to go home.  Feel free to pick them up or look for them in your child’s backpack.

•On Monday, we will meet with our buddies for the final time this year.

•Yearbooks will be passed out to those who have purchased them.  Please let me know if you DO NOT want your child to have his/her friends sign them.

•On Wednesday, your child will be bringing home a grocery bag containing some of his/her finished work. 

•We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday morning @ 9:00 am for our second grade breakfast.  It will be right outside our room.

•Thursday is our last day of school and dismissal will be at 12:40.

•On Thursday, your child will bring home a large brown envelope with a purple label.  In it, you will important things, including the end-of-year progress report.

•I’m very sad about the end of the year this year.  You have wonderful kids and I have been so happy to be their second grade teacher.

in room 15, we strive to be


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